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About Us

Classic cars are saloon cars that were manufactured prior to 31 December 1976. Quite a large latitude is allowed regarding the rules for modification however very strict control over the modifications are exercised and are governed by the HMC (Historic Motorsport Commission) as duly appointed by the South African MSA (Motorsport South Africa). In short, the bodies must remain in profile exactly as produced for that model, the cars must retain their manufacturers type engines which were 'period' i.e. available in their original format and cannot be substituted for e.g. overhead cam technology instead of push-rod technology, or fuel-injection instead of being normally aspirated.

Two major bodies separately co-exist that being the WPMC (Western Province Motor Club) which is based in the Western Cape and all race events are held at the Killarney race track. In the north of the country, historic race cars fall under the control of the HRCR (Historic Race Car Register) which is based in Johannesburg (Gauteng). Race events are held at Kyalami, Zwartkops, Midvaal, Phakisa and Lichtenburg.

Each region (WPMC and HRCR) administrates and hosts their own regional championship all while both are regulated under the auspices of the HMC.


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